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Xfinity router uses IP address as a default IP for identification on the network. When you receive Xfinity router and you or service technician installs it on the network it will connect to the network using IP. It is possible that technician will change it to a different IP during install but this is not typical. If is used then Xfinity router will assign addresses from to to devices on the network via DHCP protocol. Network mask will be used.

Following routers use IP address as their default:

  • Xfinity Comcast Router and Gateway
  • Alfa AP51 router
  • Aris TG1682G router
  • Aztech NA8300 router
  • Cisco DPC3941 router
  • Cisco AIR-AP342E2CUS router
  • Cisco 881-W router
  • Cisco DPC3939 router
  • Lucent AS-2000 router
  • Netcomm N3G9W router

To setup your router type in its administration IP address into your browser address bar and press enter. If you do not see your router administration interface check if you are using correct IP address.

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