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Find Device and Router IP on Mac OS

There are multiple ways how you can find your current computer IP on Mac OS operating system.

Device IP via System Preferences

You can quickly view your device IP address by clicking on an Apple menu, selecting System Preferences and then clicking on Network icon. You should see your current IP under the “Status: Connected” text. It will read like “Wi-Fi is connected to [your Wi-Fi network name] and has the IP address [your IP address].

Router IP via System Preferences

To find out router IP click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Then click Network Icon. In the right bottom corner click on the “Advanced” button. Select “TCP/IP” tab. Your router IP will be right after the “Router” text.

Device IP via Terminal

Open Launcher from the Dock and search for “Terminal”. Click on the “Terminal” icon. Type one of the following commands:

ifconfig | grep broadcast

scutil --nwi | grep address

ipconfig getifaddr en0

Router IP via Terminal

Router IP could also be quickly found from the terminal by typing the following command.

netstat -nr | grep default

Device and Router IP via System Information

Open Apple menu and select “About this Mac”. In the “About” window click on “System report…”. In the left sidebar choose “Network”. You will see a list of all your networks on the right. Choose “Wi-Fi”. You will see a list below with full information about your Wi-Fi network settings. You will find your router IP address in the “Router” line and your device IP address in the “DestinationAddress” link.

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