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What is static IP address

IP addresses on the network could be assigned either dynamic or static. Static IP addresses are fixed and don’t change. This is useful when a connection needs to be made to a specific device. In case of static IP, no additional processing or search is needed, and direct connection could be made. Dynamic IP addresses are typically assigned by DHCP server and can change when a device reconnects to a network or dynamic IP assignment is expired. Most of the devices on local networks use dynamic IP addresses. In order to establish connections between devices with dynamic IPs various naming protocols are used. For example, WINS or Windows Internet Name Service is a protocol used by Windows to identify computers on the network with textual names. This is very useful when it is necessary to find a device and much easier to use than IP address which is quite hard to remember.

Static IP address assignment is frequently used when it is necessary to quickly find devices on the network. For example, IP video cameras use static IP address so video recording hardware could quickly find them on the network and establish connection. Certain devices use specific static IP address when they first connect to the network, so it is easier to find them just by typing that IP address in the browser.

It is important to avoid static IP address duplication. If two devices connected to the network identify themselves with the same IP address it is called IP address collision. IP address collision will cause errors when connection is established to any of the devices using duplicate IP. That is why it is important to document which IP addresses are statically assigned on the network and make sure that there are no duplicates.

Many kinds of equipment use static IP address assignment. Routers, mail servers, DNS servers are typically configured to use static IPs. For example, Xfinity router is typically configured with IP address which is a static IP address and will be used by router to connect to the network and communicate with other devices. This IP address could only be changed in router configuration console to another static IP address. Static IP address assignment is necessary for router to function properly.

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